Blueberry Thing
A vineyard nodular blueberry thing

Listen to what the Blueberry Thing users are saying!

I don't know why the Zebra synth sounds 10% better now, it just does.

I was spending 99% of my free time with Zebra, and my wife was threatening to
divorce me. Then Blueberry Thing filled in the remaining 1% gap, and now
my wife no longer thinks I'm a jerk. She says I have an illness, and she
feels nothing but sympathy for me. Thanks Billstei for saving my marriage!

All I know is 4 audio waveforms go into it, and only 3 come out.
Isn't that a violation of the Conservation of Audio Momentum?

Mmmm, I like crunchy tacos. I'm sorry, what was the question?

Billstei uses a proprietary code comment reduction
technique that makes the program run more efficiently.

WTF do blueberries have to do with anything?

I know a guy who knows a guy whose uncle says an alien space
ship did a refuse container purge directly over Billstei's
property and he reverse engineered the whole thing.

These young kids and their Blubbery Whachamathingies! I've
used Zebra for years and never needed this program -- pfft!